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Scientists say new bionic eye could be better than the real thing

(CNN) - A new bionic eye could offer more than a chance to see the world with perfect vision.

That's according to a study in the journal Nature, published this week.

Researchers with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are working on a prototype they call "E-C EYE." It stands for Electro-Chemical EYE.

The robotic eye is the same size and shape of a human eye, but researchers say their eye could be better than the real thing one day.

Scientists say it has the potential to see further distances and could even give humans the ability to see in the dark.

That's all because of the technology they use in the device.

Right now it's still a work in progress. They say the "E-C EYE" can only recognize a few letters in the alphabet, so the device still has a long way to go.


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