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Local brides postpone their special days

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ROCKFORD (WREX) —  A local couple planned to say "I do" today, but COVID-19 had other plans for them.

"As we were near the end of April and as the governor was getting into the lockdowns for another month we were like you know what we might as well reschedule now while we can," says Brenna Hickcox, future bride.

Hickcox's original wedding date was planned for May 23. She is trying to see the silver lining any way she can. "We know it's supposed to rain tomorrow too so we are like yeah rain on!"

Sharing the news with friends and family can be difficult, but Hickcox and her fiancé had their favorite television actor do the honor.

"Brenna and Call wanted all of you to know due to this COVID-19 fiasco, they are postponing their wedding!" says actor, Brian Baumgartner, in a video.

Emily Kever, another local bride, made the tough decision to postpone her day.

"I’ve always dreamed of being a June bride and I just wanted my day to go exactly how I planned it and how I envisioned it," says Kever.

Kever's wedding date was planned for June 27. She has delayed it for an entire year to make her summer wedding dreams come true.

COVID-19 may have kept these local brides from their wedding dates, but it won't keep them from getting married.

Brenna Hickcox and Callum Watts

Erin Chapman

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