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United Way and Top Box Foods team make direct grocery delivery service in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WREX) — The United Way of Rock River Valley and Top Box foods team up to form and important service in Rockford.

Top Box Foods operates as a 'pop up' grocery store to provide families in need with affordable groceries.

With the COVID-19 pandemic making 'pop up' stores an issue, the organization formed a direct delivery service.

Now with the United Way, Top Box will bring that service to Rockford, but both organizations need the community's help to make it work since the delivery service relies solely on volunteers.The supply line for delivering groceries consists entirely of volunteers.

While the main goal of the program is to put food on the table for families fighting through the pandemic, Top Box Founder Chris Kennedy says that this program has the ability to connect a community stuck in isolation.

"This gives volunteers and customers a sense of connection," Kennedy said. "Just as you can feel lonely in a crowd, so too can you feel connection in isolation."

You can sign up to help deliver groceries through either United Way of Rock River Valley or through Top Box Foods.

William Ingalls

William Ingalls is a photographer at WREX. He joined the team in 2019 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and English from Augustana College. William was born and raised in Rockford and went to high school at Christian Life.

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