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Prairie State Legal Services represents clients in domestic violence cases during pandemic

ROCKFORD (WREX) — While Illinois is under a 'stay at home' order for weeks to come, many people may not be safe in their own homes—that's where Prairie State Legal Services can help.

Prairie State has several attorneys who specialize in domestic violence issues. While courthouses remain closed to most serves, Prairie State is open and working remotely to help clients.

Attorneys say they want survivors to know they're here for them during the pandemic.

The judicial system is operating and taking up the emergency cases as much as possible by and keeping people safe by consolidating courtrooms and things like that," Jesse Hodierne said. "So if you aren't sure what's going on and you need legal advice on anything, feel free to reach out to Prairie State about your issues and we'll try to give you some guidance."

Prairie State Legal Services says it can represent domestic violence survivors in court during the 'stay at home' order.

Breane Lyga

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