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Health officials project 59,000 people in Winnebago County will get the coronavirus

WATCH NOW: Winnebago County health leaders provide an update on the COVID-19 pandemic in our area.

Posted by WREX-TV on Monday, April 6, 2020

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) — The Winnebago County Health Department has released some new numbers and projections regarding the coronavirus.

As of Monday, April 6, health officials estimate 59,000 people in Winnebago County will get the coronavirus, which is 20 percent of the population in the county.

The health department provided a bigger picture look of the virus and how it will impact the health systems in our area.

Based off the numbers and projections, the health department says for every 100 people sick, 81 percent will be mildly sick, with the remaining 19 percent needing to be hospitalized.

Of the 19 people who will need to be hospitalized, 6 of them will need an ICU bed. Of the 6 people, 3 will need a ventilator, according to the health department.

The health department also urged residents to continue to stay home as the peak of the virus has not hit our area yet. According to the health department, as of Monday, the projected peak of the virus will be from April 29-May 6, which is two weeks after Illinois' expected reach the state's peak.

To help the health care systems not get overwhelmed, the county says they're working on multiple triage sites in the area, including with Crusader Clinic and the Illinois College of Medicine.

Leaders in the community say staying home will also help the health care systems from not getting overwhelmed.

"If you don't understand the graph, find someone to explain it to you. If we get up to a certain level that's not too far away from us, our healthcare system is gonna be overwhelmed…you won't get the highest quality of care—if you get care at all," said Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara.

The health department also confirmed two new deaths in the county related to the coronavirus as well as 20 new cases. Both deaths were previously confirmed cases, according to the health department.

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