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One new COVID-19 case confirmed in Winnebago County, total up to 8

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WREX) — The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Winnebago County continues to increase.

Health officials report 1 new case in the county, bringing the total up from 7 to 8. The health department says the 8th case is a resident in their 70s. The health department did not provide more information on how the person got the virus.

The Winnebago County Health Department says it expects more cases in the county, and is urging the public to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Here's what we know about the cases in the county:

The health department says the second and third person's case was community spread, but have not said how any of the other patients got the virus. Details of the conditions of all of the residents is unknown at this time.

Health officials are also offering advice for what to do to cope with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Take care of yourself: eat healthy, well-balanced meals, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and avoid alcohol and drugs. Find ways to reduce stress, like taking deep breaths, stretching or meditating.
  • Stay connected: Use the phone and other ways of communicating remotely to connect with others.
  • Get the facts: Sharing facts about COVID-19 can help you understand the risk and feel less stressed. Get your facts from reliable sources, including the health department, Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Take breaks: Limit how much you watch or read about COVID-19. Repeatedly hearing about the pandemic can be upsetting. Step away from the coverage and do activities you enjoy.
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