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Illinois lawmaker introduces legislation to raise the speed limit

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WREX) — An Illinois lawmaker thinks it's time to raise the speed limit in the state.

Rep. Jim Oberweis (R) of the 25th District (Sugar Grove) introduced two separate bills which would raise the speed limit.

The first bill, SB2565, would increase the maximum speed limit to 75 miles per hour (from 70 miles per hour) on any interstate highway outside of an urban area.

The second bill, SB2564, would raise the maximum speed limit outside of an urban district to 60 miles per hour (instead of 55 miles per hour) on specified highways, roads, and streets.

Oberweis told The Center Square the bills would not be mandated, but would rather allow transportation authorities to increase the speed limit if they felt it was safe.

The measures have been put in the Senate Transportation Subcommittee on Special Issues, which currently has no members.

Illinois last raised the speed limit in 2013, when some highways were raised to 70 miles per hour. 

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Andrew Carrigan

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