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Woman who saved man from burning tanker truck gave birth days earlier

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NBC) — The woman who helped save a driver from a flaming semi-truck gave birth 10 days earlier.

Holly McNally, 35, saw a semi-truck hauling jet fuel flip over on an Indiana highway ramp and catch fire Thursday afternoon.

She sprang into action, running toward the fiery truck and helped the driver to safety with another good Samaritan, Mitch Navarre, 50.

Less than a minute after the rescue, the tanker blew up and McNally says she refused to quit helping.

"There was a part of my brain, everybody's brain, where you think, 'When do I cut?' You know what I mean? 'When do I quit helping?' but that never hit me. I couldn't quit," she said.

McNally delivered her fourth child on Monday, Feb. 10.

NBC News

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