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New report recommends Illinois schools drop ‘prom queen,’ to be more inclusive

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WREX) — A new report on inclusivity for students recommends Illinois’ public schools drop some traditional terms, such as "homecoming queen" and "prom king."

The Affirming and Inclusive Schools Task Force released its report Friday. 

The report issued a series of recommendations for Illinois’ K-12 schools aimed at removing language and titles that transgender, non-binary and gender-nonconforming students may find exclusionary.

Many of the suggestions for Illinois’ public schools were reiterations of state and federal law and recent court decisions affirming the rights of the students in question.

Others included showing teachers ways of addressing groups of students that don’t connote traditional genders or associate behaviors with a particular gender. 

One of the recommendations included eliminating terms such as “homecoming queen” and “prom king” and replacing them with "prom royalty" or providing school awards to any set of two students instead of “best male/female.”

The report suggests if schools decide to continue with certain gender-specific activities, to allow students to participate with the gender they identify as. The report suggests the same policy for sports, too.

The report affirmed court rulings, reminding schools they cannot assign a transgender student to a restroom, changing room, or other gender-based facilities that they don’t identify with or require them to be partitioned in a single-occupancy stall of any kind that’s specifically designed for them. 

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