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Local Republicans blast unreleased draft, Property Tax Relief Task Force

ROCKFORD (WREX) -- Republican lawmakers criticize an unpublished plan created by a task force to address property tax relief in the state.

House republicans from Dixon, Rockford and Sycamore held a press conference at Giovanni's in Rockford to discuss the Property Tax Relief Task Force. Democrats created the group, they say to lower property taxes.

An unpublished plan leaked to some news outlets last week, found that Illinois hauls in $30 billion a year, or 38% of the total taxes collected, from a system put in place when the state was founded on its agricultural economy.

The report and the task force look to consolidate local governments and ensure standardized property assessments. But, local republicans say it is an empty promise to people who pay some of the highest property taxes in the country.

"This document was a collection of a bunch of ideas none of which have really been quantified. We don't know how much they'll save if any," Said Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R) IL 69. "Some of the suggestions was an increase in sales taxes to bring more money into state government which should be very alarming and concerning to everybody."

In an interview last week with 13 WREX, Senator Steve Stadelman (D), 34th District, says a lot of the state's money goes to local governments. He also said the task force and the plan are missing a key part, which is how local education is funded.

"It relies too heavily on property taxes and that is a burden on home owners," Sen. Stadelman said last week.

That same report, which is still unpublished, aims to give tools to determine property values, end the number of assessment appeals, limit TIF district life spans, and consolidate governments.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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