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Illinois State Police enforces “Operation Lambert” in honor of the fallen trooper

SPRINGFIELD (WREX) — Illinois State Police is enforcing special details of the Move Over (Scott's) Law in dedication to fallen Trooper Christopher Lambert.

Trooper Lambert was killed in the line of duty on January 12, 2019, while he was on scene of a three-vehicle crash on I-294.

ISP says a car failed to stop and struck Trooper Lambert while he was outside of his patrol car.

The statewide detail begins on Sunday and will end on Saturday, January 18.

ISP says the enforcement of the detail will hopefully raise awareness of the Move Over (Scott's) Law and help keep roads safe.

In a statement, ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly said, “In one of his final acts, Trooper Christopher Lambert placed himself and his squad car between the public and danger. This act of courage is a testament to his noble character and embodies the true mission of ISP, to serve with integrity and pride. We will continue to honor Trooper Lambert’s legacy, and we ask the public to join our efforts. Slow down and, if possible, move over if you see a police or other emergency vehicles stopped along the roadway.”

The Move Over (Scott's) Law requires drivers to change lanes while driving pass stationary emergency vehicles. The law also says if it would be either unsafe or not a possibility for the driver to switch lanes, they should proceed with caution at a reduced speed and leave a safe distance while passing.

Since January 1, people who violate the law can be fined between $250 to $750. If the violator causes property damage, their driver's license will be suspended anywhere from three months to a full year. If anyone is hurt from the incident, the violator will have their license suspended anywhere from six months to two years.

Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker is the 13 News weekend evening anchor. She started in April of 2019 after moving from Michigan, where she was a morning producer/traffic reporter.

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