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Freeport Middle School teacher “shines”

FREEPORT (WREX) – Students at Freeport Middle School said goodbye to friends, teachers and textbooks for the summer on Tuesday.

But, saying goodbye to one teacher in particular was a bit harder than most for some students.

“It’s kinda sad cause she’s going to be upstairs, so I won’t see her as much,” said Anecya Scott, a 7th grader.

She was sad to say goodbye to English Language Arts teacher Jessie Diduch, because Scott said she has something you don’t find in most people.

“She pops out in a way that a lot teachers don’t, and other people don’t,” Scott said. “And she has that shine to her that a lot of people don’t have, and it’s hard to find.”

Every student in Diduch’s class said she stands out to them because of how hard she works at her job and how caring she is toward her students.

“She cares about people, and when they’re sad about something in class, she’ll know, and she’ll make sure that you’ll feel better,” said 7th grader Savannah Schmelzle.

Diduch said she takes relationships with her students very seriously, and she forms those relationships through listening.

“I listen, even when they are not having the greatest day, just listening and noticing that I see you, and you might not want to talk to today and I know that, but that means I still have noticed you,” Diduch said.

Her students notice that she notices them, and that she always takes into account how each student wants to be taught.

“She’s a very good teacher, there’s not a lot of teachers like her at all, and I think she really deserves the teacher of the week,” Scott said.

As the year came to a close, Diduch said she is already looking forward to starting next year’s school year.

“For me it’s very bittersweet, I’m very proud of them but I mean they’ve been mine for nine months so it’s also a day where I get emotional, kind of a little sad, because I truly have loved them, and enjoyed them,” she said.


Lindsey Fafoglia

Morning News Anchor

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