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Oregon students can depend on special ed teacher for anything

OREGON (WREX) – All teachers impact their students, but some teachers make a truly special impact on their student’s lives.

It’s obvious that Brandi Costa touches each of her student’s lives every single day, and that’s why one of her students nominated her for the Teacher of the Week award.

“Because if someone is mean to you she really cares, she’ll help you and figure out the problem of what’s going on,” said Drew Fletcher, a fourth grade student and the student who nominated Costa.

Costa teaches special education to third, fourth, and sixth graders at Oregon Elementary School. Many of her students said similar things, that Costa is there for them no matter what.

“She is really brave and she protects us, and she’s very nice, ” said student Kodey Suter.

Costa teaches her students reading, writing and math. And students said she makes learning those subjects fun, but also really makes sure they are really learning the subjects.

“She is like pushing us up to a different level, like reading level and writing level,” student Guy Wicklund said.

Sixth grade student Mary Arnold went on to say that Costa is very unique, because she notices things that most teachers don’t ever catch.

“I’ve never had a teacher like her, she’s very accepting, understanding, nice, she notices when kids are upset and she will try to help, and I think that’s wonderful. There’s not a lot of teachers that notice these things,” Arnold said.

Costa said she really tries to get to know her students on a deeper level, so that she knows their likes and dislikes, and can be more of a friend than just a teacher.

“My favorite part would be getting to know my students, they’re amazing, and all so different. Just making those connections and making a difference in their world. Being that person that they can come to talk to about anything and knowing I am here for them everyday,” she said.




Lindsey Fafoglia

Morning News Anchor

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