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Art teacher inspires students in and out of the classroom

BELVIDERE (WREX) – One art teacher at Belvidere North High School is inspiring students in the classroom, and inspiring the community with his art.

Troy Yunk is the art teacher and boys track coach at Belvidere North, and Principal Marc Eckmann said he has the strong ability to connect with students in either atmosphere.

“Mr. Yunk is a teacher who makes outstanding relationships with kids, he really believes that kids in his class dont necessarily need to be the best artist in the world,” Eckmann said. “As a coach, and as a teacher, he looks at kids strengths and builds on those strengths and helps them compensate for weaknesses.”

Yunk said he fell in love with art while he was in high school, and he has been teaching for 32 years. He said he loves that he gets to make more personal relationships with his students, and he has seen his students go on to do amazing things.

“In in an art class you can get a little more personal with kids,” Yunk said. “Every class, it’s a lot of one-on-one help, so every hour you’re working at their desk, sitting next to them, talking to them about their art and whatever else comes up.”

Being an art teacher, he gets to encourage students to reach their creative side, and to think outside the box.

He said this time of year is the best, because all of the skills that the students have been working to conquer are finally polished and ready.

“This is time of year when you’re seeing that, when you’ve worked and worked and worked with them, and you get towards the end of the semester and it starts to click,” he said.

Eckmann said Yunk not only dedicates his time to students, but he is involved in making Belvidere a better place.

“You look around Belvidere and all the murals and the different pieces of art in the community and so much of that is because of Mr. Yunk,” he said.



Lindsey Fafoglia

Morning News Anchor

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