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Harry Caray statue at Little Cubs Field vandalized

It draws people from all over the Midwest to Freeport. Little Cubs Field. A mini version of Wrigley Field. But the unique stadium is getting attention for all the wrong reasons after vandals defaced an iconic statue of Harry Caray.

Over the dugout, it says, "Welcome to the friendly confines of Little Cubs Field". But there was a very unfriendly act committed there Sunday. 

"They took it upon themselves to grab a bat and hit Harry Caray’s statue over by the first base line, knock his arm off. Knocked his microphone off," said Denny Garkey with Little Cubs Field. 

Harry Caray, a name and face synonymous with the Chicago Cubs, had his likeness attacked at Freeport’s Little Cubs Field. Leaving the statue of the broadcasting great without an arm. Garkey said it was the work of kids. 

"It is disappointing. Kids do what they do but Little Cubs Field has become an icon, not just to Freeport but to the whole region," he said. 

But before you shake your head in disappointment over "the youth these days" it was *another group of kids that saved the day. 

"Other kids of a similar age, 11 to 13, saw what happened, talked to their parents, called the police and got involved. Agreed to testify and did the right thing," said Garkey. "That’s the good result out of this."

Another good result, the vandals left the arm behind meaning Harry Caray will be back to his old self soon. 

"Harry will not remain armless or one-armed for too long. We think within the next 10 days hopefully we’ll get some repairs done," said Garkey. "A little glue, some very long screws and he’ll be up and running again and leading the crowd in take me out to the ball game."

The Freeport Police Department says it has a list of suspects that potentially vandalized the statue and plans to hold them accountable. 


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